Tired of Hearing, “I’ll Do it Tomorrow”? (Then Read This Today) ADHD and Procrastination

Procrastination is one of those areas that can be extremely frustrating to a person with ADHD. You know how to do the task, you want to get it done, and yet you seem to hit a wall every time. You may wonder, “What continually keeps me from starting?”

Or perhaps you observe this with your child. You may think, “My child is so bright, and yet he avoids doing anything – even activities he enjoys!”

Procrastination is usually attributed to one’s personality or situation.

  • You are disorganized
  • You are unmotivated
  • You have a fear of failing
  • You are lazy

However, since procrastination is associated with the inability to plan, prioritize, organize, and focus on a single task, it seems that procrastination is less of a personality trait and is truly a result of weak executive function.

Our focus should be less focused on changing the person’s personality and more focused on improving executive function.

OrganizeU4Life will develop a customized program for you that integrates NASA-inspired technology with specific cognitive skill training. As a Certified Provider, we will assess your needs and design your course to address those cognitive areas you need to start tasks right away and stay on task until completion.

No more assignments left undone! No more rooms with piles of unfinished projects! Our Neurocognitive Training will provide you with a comprehensive course that will strengthen your executive function and help you achieve success. Schedule your 1:1 consultation to discuss a course that is right for you.

Here is one tip you can use today to help you start tasks right away!

Break the Assignment Up

If you break the assignment up into mini-tasks that will take short amounts of time, it is more likely you will get started right away.

“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” – Desmond Tutu

9 Steps for Breaking Down Assignments:

  1. Figure out how much time you have
    Count backward from the project’s deadline to see how long you must complete it.
  2. Decide how long you should work at each sitting.
    Estimate how much stamina you will have for the kind of work involved.
  3. Calculate what you need to do each day.
    Compare how much time is available with how long you can work at a stretch. This helps you figure out how to help you “chunk” the work or do a bit each day. Use a time timer to set a specific amount of time to work and then take breaks.
  4. Make a list of the materials needed.
    Gather all the material you need in advance.
  5. Write down each task in one spiral notebook.
    I love using one notebook to write down all tasks. This way I don’t have notes all over the place. Put the date (and the time) on each page. I prefer spiral notebooks.
  6. Put paperclips on pages that have important information.
    Often, we have important information that we need to reference. I put a paper clip on the page to find the information more easily.
  7. Note questions.
    Make a list of questions that you might have for different family members. You can use a notebook that has tabs and dedicate each tab for a different family member.
  8. Divide your day into segments.
    I like breaking up the day in segments. Don’t tie yourself down to specific hours in a day.
  9. Celebrate your achievements.
    Instead of worrying about what you didn’t accomplish, turn it around and celebrate what you did do, no matter how small. If you can’t be your own cheerleader, who will be? Go easy on yourself.

There are many tips and strategies you can use to help you avoid procrastination. However, remember the root of the issue is typically weak executive function. Therefore, it is important to put strategies in place in conjunction with improving the cognitive skills that lay the foundation for strong executive function. Neurocognitive Training can help you improve those skills. OrganizeU4Life offers a blended education of Neurocognitive Training and unique strategies to help you reach your personal best.

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