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Butterflies represent transformation on all levels

Our mentoring services center on the purpose of emotional regulation, tackling the challenges posed by emotional burdens that hinder goal achievement.

We equip young to mid adults with skills to cultivate a more fulfilling life, fostering self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-compassion.  Numerous individuals in this age group find themselves trapped by negative thought patterns, hindering their progress.  They often conceal their emotions from loved ones to appear as if they ‘fit in’. 

Our program helps neurodivergent and all young-mid adults that fall into the 20-40-year-old age range.  By addressing the uniqueness of everyone, we customize our program to help young-mid adults reach their personal best.

Drawing from the principle of Neuroplasticity, it’s evident that through consistent practice and repetition, individuals can successfully alter their habits.  Our clients serve as testimony of this education, having surpassed their initial goals.  Debbie Ginsberg, a certified Neuro Change Practitioner with additional certification in FOCUS technology, remains abreast of advancements in Neuroscience and Technology, leveraging this knowledge for the betterment of her clients.

Collaborating with a co-host, she presents an educational podcast titled “GetItDone! Guidelines for the Neurodivergent Individual,” tailored to a wider audience.  The forthcoming co-authored book, “Navigating Adulthood: Guidelines for the Neurodivergent Individual,” encompasses essential insights for transitioning into responsible adulthood after high school.

OrganizeU4Life offers their mentoring services via Zoom or other applicable video platforms. We accept private (globally) and New York State’s self-determination clients.

($155 per session)

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